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Did you know there is more than one type of Denture?

Full Dentures

Let’s start with Full Dentures.

These are custom made and can be either an upper or lower set, or both upper and lower together, and they replace all teeth in either jaw or both jaws.

full dentures top
full dentures bottom
Full Dentures

Immediate Dentures

Next we have what is known as Immediate Dentures.

Once again, custom made for the patient with the difference being the denture is inserted immediately after remaining natural teeth have been extracted. Hence the name ‘Immediate’.

The Immediate denture acts as a bandage to help prevent swelling and bleeding.

Usually these dentures should be replaced after approximately 18 months to two years after the bone has stopped resorbing.

This way a more aesthetically pleasing denture can be fabricated.

Partial Dentures

Now we come to Partial Dentures.

These are for people who are missing some but not all of their natural teeth.

Partial Dentures are just as important as Full dentures as they help to keep the natural teeth in place.

They are Custom made for the patient and are constructed of either Acrylic or Cobalt Chrome.

Acrylic Partial Dentures are held in position with clasps (wires) made of sprung hardened stainless steel which are adapted to some of the remaining natural teeth.

These clasps are embedded into the pink acrylic base so they don’t move and they help retain the denture in position.

The teeth are also partially embedded in the pink acrylic base and this secures them in place.

Cobalt Chrome Frames

Next we have Cobalt Chrome Frames, sometimes known as a metal or stainless steel denture.

Custom made from TGA approved materials, these lightweight dentures are often preferred by patients for aesthetics and comfort.

Because of their strength, Cobalt Chrome dentures can be manufactured with a greater variety of design.

The frames are usually not visible when you smile and talk and the teeth are fitted to the dentures with pink acrylic, small metal pins and mesh for added strength.

These are truly the Rolls Royce of partial dentures.

Cobalt Chrome Frames

It is also worth knowing that the customised German teeth we use for all types of dentures come in many shapes and colours, designed to replicate your natural teeth.

Aside from comfort, aesthetics are also a most important consideration when designing and wearing your new dentures.

Your Dental Prosthetist will help you decide which denture or dentures best suits your needs and will answer any questions you may have regarding the different types of dentures.

The MOST important thing your Dental Prosthetist wants to achieve is your comfort, well-being and a natural smile.

After full upper and lower dentures