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Customised Mouthguards

Here at Natural Image Dentures we don’t just make Customised Dentures.

We also manufacture Customised Mouthguards for all types of contact sports, including Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts.

It is vitally important to protect teeth against impact and in the long run is far cheaper than having to replace a tooth or teeth due to sports injury.

Our Mouthguards come in a multitude of colours, ranging from single, bi-colour, tri-colour, Harlequin right through to the new Multi–Colour 3D.

You truly are only limited by your imagination!

We also offer the world-class AirGARD. Designed and Patented by Dr Bill Westerman this incredible mouthguard is filled with small air-pockets. This technique provides the utmost absorbency of impact and is recommended to made without colour.

The AirGARD is very popular with exponents of Boxing and MMA.

AirGARD mouth guards

The features and dynamics of AirGARD may be viewed at www.mgard.com.au

We offer very competitive pricing on our Mouthguards. Please feel free to call for a quote.

We also offer discounts for bulk orders for sporting clubs and the Mouthguards can be made in the Club’s colours.

Every Denture and Mouthguard made by Natural Image Dentures is designed and manufactured on our premises according to strict TGA approved materials.


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